The Revelle Medal recognizes sustained, distinguished and extraordinary service to the campus. The recipient’s achievements are illustrative of UC San Diego founder Roger Revelle’s vision to attract distinctive and visionary faculty leaders. The Medal honors a record of accomplishment that advances UC San Diego in fulfillment of the campus mission of exceptional teaching, research, service and patient care.

Conceived in 1981 by Chancellor Richard C. Atkinson, the Revelle Medal was first awarded at the Atkinson inauguration. The medal had previously honored distinguished and sustained service to the campus but had excluded faculty or staff.

Revelle Medal Recipients




2013 Walter Munk

2003 — Robert C. Dynes (by exception)


  • Irwin and Joan Jacobs
  • Herbert Kunzel


  • Jerome Katzin
  • Ellen Revelle


  • Richard C. Atkinson (by exception)
  • Audrey Geisel


  • James S. DeSilva
  • James U. Lemke

1991 — Mandell Weiss

1988 — Cecil H. Green

1986 — Kenneth and Dorothy Hill

1985 — Clark Kerr

1981 — DeWitt A. Higgs

A complete nomination will include:

  1. A one-page cover letter from a primary nominator transmitting the nomination, including a statement of the nominee’s affiliation with UC San Diego.
  2. A narrative (no longer than two pages) that describes the individual’s sustained, distinguished and extraordinary service to the campus. Brief description of how the faculty member’s achievements are illustrative of Roger Revelle’s vision for UC San Diego.
  3. A one-page summary resume.
  4. A one-page letter from a secondary nominator in support of the nomination.

How to Nominate

If you have further questions about your nomination, or the process in general, please phone (858) 534-6861.